gas suction tests and landfill site analysis

The generation of tailored test plans and tenders for gas suction tests, as well as the supervision of measuring tests have been priority issues during many years of work. Based on a tailored prognosis for landfill gas, the quantity and position of test drillings or deposition sources and the waste landfill gas utilisation will be determined. Due to an individualised test programme and the own developed remote control system it is possible to reduce the necessary suction time to a minimum - while maintaining a high precision of the prognosis. A specially developed explosion-protected test equipment is available for the performance of suction tests on old landfills or locations without electricity supply.

IMG 2440Fernwiksystem Deponiegas2

Gasabsaugversuche und deponiespezifische Analysen Gasabsaugversuche und deponiespezifische Analysen