Si-cleaning equipment

For Silicon cleaning there are on the marcet two different techniques. One method is from an English producer "Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) and a second one ist the utilisation of specific Si-active coal. The active coal cleaning is the more economic method if there are only a moderate Si-load of the landfill gas and needs lower investment costs. 

For the active coal cleaning the landfill gas must be dried because the humidity must be lesser than 50 %. Partially this will be achieved due to the increasing the gas temperature during the combustion process in the booster station. But for a secure framework the gas must be cooled in front of the booster station. Also a secondary heating after the booster station is possible in a colder region. Also there is a need of a definite amount of oxygen in the landfill gas what can be provided easily with the special equipment or increasing the suction rate.

The used kind of active coal decides about the properties of the active coal. There are H2S active and Si-active coal. Hence the active coal filter can be used for separation of both substances. But an additional H2S removing system on the suction (wet) side helps to save money because the active coal is more expensive than the absorption pellets.