system for the wet waste fermentation

The deposition of waste containing organic components underlies in nearly all countries a permanent regulation. Often country-related or regional upper limits to the allowed concentration of organic fractions are defined for the subsequent years. These requirements can be achieved by a higher degree of separation in the course of delivery of waste, the assortment and the use of parts of the material flow in wet fermentation facilities. For this, facilities of different size and with different processes are available at the market, their application, however, is significantly influenced by the consistence and the material flow. Decisive criteria are a customised conversion of the fermentation substrate and the selection of a suitable procedure for the homogenous circulation, without dead zones and short-circuit flows. Also, the piling of sedimentation in the fermentation containers has to be avoided or the material output to be secured. We are co-operating worldwide with renowned plant manufacturers and procedure suppliers, to select and to implement a customised procedure for your individual application.

Systeme für die Abfall-Nassverärung Systeme für die Abfall-Nassverärung