Gas sampeling

Some pollutant parameters can be detected local with adequate methods but other ones must be detected in a laboratory. Mainly the content of organic silicon or fluorine and chlorine needs special equipment for detection. That's why special gas samples must be taken. For the sampling there are special regulations, established from the CHP-plant producers for example from Jenbacher company (TA 1000-0300) as well as MWM company (0199 - 99 - 03017/05 EN. Also the regulations from the laboratory for sample taken and transport must be observed. A short term between the sampling and the analyses as well as the right sampling equipment and transport bag are essential for significant analyses. Also the right sampling place is important. In Germany there are only two admitted laboratory.

In the frame of laboratory analyses also the main gas components have to be tested to ensure that the sample is not be diluted. The bags must be gastight that's why only "Minicams" or special bags are allowed. A full gas analyses must be carried out at least once a year and the results has to be handed over to the CHP-plant delivery company. If not the customer may lose the warranty.

We can provide a adequate support for gas sampling and analyses and have a good relationship to the analyses laboratory. This will help to get right and reliable results. We have taken more than 100 samplings and analyses in the last years. That's why we have a good compared database and will provide an excellent evaluating of the results.