construction and site management

The supervision of waste landfill gas projects after the planning phase is one of the most important tasks of an appropriate project implementation. Even small errors in the realisation can cause a complete failure of the gas collector systems. A later correction of the landfill degasification is only possible with high effort. Due to the steady extension of the gas collector system in the phase of continuous waste disposal, a multiple year project supervision is required. P. e., the extension of the gas collector system on the landfill site „Mamak“ in Ankara (Turkey) has been supervised by staff of SEF-Energietechnik GmbH since 2004.

Periodical evaluations of the landfill site, the generation of schedules, organigrams and team plans, as well as the system approvals after implementation, are a key activity in the sector of landfill, especially with international projects.

Baubetreuung und Objektberwachung