expert opinion degasification systems

Comprehensive expert opinions include the entire variety of examinations for the appraisal, up to suggestions for the replacement, extension or shutdown of systems, and eventually for the application of passive degasification technology. After a comprehensive evaluation of pipes and gas wells with a camera system, the infra-red analysis of the gas wells, FID surface measurement and, if required, gas level determinations, the state of gas generation can be estimated in conjunction with a gas prognosis, and potentially existing system reserves can be proven. Due to this procedure, detailed economic reviews for the adjustment or alteration of gas utilisation systems as well as the period of utilisation are possible. Only this way the site manager is able to decide appropriately on the future design of gas collector and gas utilisation systems. Up to now we have drawn more than 30 comprehensive expertises for landfills – all of them to the entire satisfaction of our clients. Please feel free to ask us for more details!

Gutachten Entgasungssysteme Gutachten Entgasungssysteme