landfill gas - apreventable climate killer

The implementation of projects for landfill gas utilisation is world wide based on very different criteria and temporally very diversified. While in Germany and some European countries only residual landfill gas potentials can be used or eliminated (due to the prohibition of deposition untreated waste) there is globally still a huge potential. For example there are in India, Russian or Africa only a view insignificant landfill gas utilisation projects in comparison with the available potential. The reason is the stagnating trade with carbon emission certificates or not beneficial laws or payments for the produced electrical power. However, this fact is changing in the last years and the benefit for carbon credits may exceed the project benefit for the power production and selling. The actual climate situation needs some immediate actions in this field - there is a huge potential which can be developed in a short time. That a good legal base and a good payment for green energy can provide enormous opportunities can be showed in the project development in Turkey or in Belorussia. In the last 15 years a project scope of about 200 MW(el) was developed from SEF in Turkey. But an own estimation shows a potential from more than 300 MW(el) - consequently there is a lot of additonal necessary work also in the future.

In the frame of international activities SEF has developed adapted waste deposition and degassing sytsem technologies. Furthermore, there are a lot of experiences of the compete waste treating process like sorting and biogas production from different waste streams. But the main focus from SEF-Energietechnik GmbH are adapted gas potential analyses.

Further areas of activity are carrying out expertise and system analyses to increase the residual gas potential, upgrating of existing landfill degasing systems, active system support and regulation for landfill gas collecting systems. Overview measurements, planning works and service for landfills with methane oxidation systems or for aerobisation of landfills are also fields of our work. SEF owns specialised measurement equipment and a lot of experience for these works.