gas cleaning equipment purpose and sampling

A high content of hydrogen sulphide ( H2S) and Silicon (Si) in landfill gas caused engine problems in CHP-plants and reduce the possible running time. If the landfill gas will be cleaned the engine oil lifetime can be increased and the engine wear will be decreased, even if the landfill gas pollution is lower as recommended from the plant producer. If the bordering values will be exceeded the customer will lose the warranty what is particulary problematic. More often the customer don't know exactly which bordering values are valid.

This are further reasons to choose an adequate gas cleaning system, particulary there are enough established cleaning systems on the marked. These are for examplebiowashers (scrubber), bio trickling filter or fixbed adsorption filter with active carbon or special filter substrat (pellets).

For a substantiated choice of the cleaning procedure the landfill gas pollution has to be verified. A gas sample has to be taken in a selected location and has to be transported to a verified analytical laboratory (in Germany there are only 2 verified laboratory). There are definite rules for the sampling and also for storage and transport what is necessary to accept the sample relevant. We have all the necessary equipment and know how to support you in this matter.

Although, seams the landfill gas pollution in the first view as moderate, shows a conversation of the measured values to 100 % methane as well as to the right units more often exceeded bordering values. Especially because the bordering values from the CHP-producer were reduced. Nearly no landfill gas sample which was taken in the last years by SEF has matched the specified bordering limits from the producer. But we have a good database which can show you the normal values and the excessively values in your landfill gas and we can give you right recommendations if a gas cleaning is necessary or not and which system will be the best. You should follow the principle - the gas must cleaned as good as necessary and not as good as possible.