planning of gas collecting systems

Due to the further development of "degassing rigols" (horizontal degassing elements)  we have had a crucially influencing at the total development of the landfill degassing technik. Especially if wet househald waste fraction will be deposited in high compacted level a conventionally vertical degassing system can't be successful used. Basically a high water impounding at the whole gravel zone will limit the effectiveness of the wells. By using the horizontal rigol systems this problems can be avoided and in addition a global water impounding in the landfill body can be prevented. Hence the working conditions for the bacteria will be increased and also the landfill gas buildiing conditions. In addition a rigol system can be easily used for degassing of big sized landfills. In the last years we have perfected this horizontal "rigol system" especially that a long term working stability and a reasonable price was combined. 

But there are no an suitable all-round system and there is ever a need of an adapted degassing planning. There are a lot of different conditions concerning the shape, size, filling height, age of landfill, local topography and design and waste type and also the climatic conditions are very different. The secure routing of condensate from the rigol pipes in all pipe zones, even with large subsidences, requires special knowledge in the sector of landfill degasification. Especially in old landfills or ready filled landfills a well system can be the better choice. Also the system costs and effectiveness has to be considered. 

 In our past activities we have planned and realised systems with 3 to 120 gas wells or gas drains with various design and system configurations.

Deponiegasfassungssysteme Deponiegasfassungssysteme Deponiegasfassungssysteme
Deponiegasfassungssysteme Deponiegasfassungssysteme