aerobisation of abandoned landfills

The main focus of aerobisation of abandoned landfills is the elimination from dangerous methane concentration, which also after 100 years can be available in sealed deposition areas and especially cavities. But in addition it is a measure for the forced degradation of the residual organic in these zones to avoid further gas emissions because the milieu is changed from anaerobic in aerobic milieu. That can reduce later necessary costs for aftercare of the landfills or industrial deposits combined with a reduced dangerous potential.

There are a lot of different technics on the market.. SEF has developed a low pressure aerobisation system and used at an abandoned landfill in Berlin, together with the local owner BSR. In combination with a aerobisation rigol with a high surface the necessary pressure is low and also the power need. After two years successful work the ventilation was stopped and a passive ventilation system was inserted.