H2S cleaning

Hydrogen sulphide (H2S) can be removed out of the landfill gas with two different techniques. First it can be removed out of the wet gas (suction side of the booster station) with trickle filters, scrubber. This techniques are advanced and will be managed mainly in biogas plants. But the investment costs are high and the H2S content in landfill gas is changed during the operation period. Hence there are a additional technic to remove the H2S content with adapted filter pellets in fixed bed filters. This technic needs lesser investment costs and there are appropriate filter material on the German marked. If the H2S content in the landfill gas will later be reduced the lifetime of the filter material will be increased and the costs for changing the material is less.

This system needs an adequate wet content of the gas and also a definite content of oxygen. Hence it can only be implemented in front of the booster station. But a reduction of the Si-content can't be managed with this system. This system is working for an appropriate time on some of Turkish landfills and was developed from SEF.