landfill gas prognosis

Our tailored landfill gas prognoses are a foundation for the design of degasification systems or gas utilisation facilities as well as for the economic operation of gas utilisation systems. An approved gas prognosis model has been advanced for than 25 years, and the generated prognoses were continuously compared to the actual revenues. As a result, the tailoring and adjustment of the model have been improved, expanded and verified, especially for finalised landfills. The yield of gas can thus be estimated country-specific and, for many regions of the world, even more precisely. A decisive advantage for your project development and a pre-condition for appropriate suggestions to the system extensions or recommendations for an economic gas conversion solution. Furthermore, the forecasted results can be used to avoid unnecessary system installations at older or smaller landfills, as an appropriate operation of the facility cannot be warranted with the existing gas potential.

Before you start the project implementation please let us generrate an adapted landfill gas prognosis for your landfill. If you provide all the necessary data we can generate this preformance also as a single item.

Deponiegasprognose Novoselky