systems of landfill gas collection and utilisation

Due to more than 25 years experience in degassing planning works we can provide all kinds of planning works as well turnkey implementation as single planning steps or part works. It doesn't matter where the landfill is or which size it has. We are always at your service with our engineering experience. Especially our international recognised landfill gas prognosis is the basement for the exact estimation for the landfill gas potential if you will realise a big landfill gas project but also if you want small residual gas emissions or carbon credits. In addition the aerobisation of abandoned landfills, the utilisation from CHP-plants with small stirling engines or degasing systems with reactorlot-technologie are projects we have been developed further in the last 20 years. Beside big degassing and gas utilisation projects abroad the main focus in Germany is the maintenance and reactivation of existing systems in Germany as well as looking for some extra gas potential.