explosion protection designs

The generation of explosion protection documentation for the gas collector and gas utilisation facility is a legal obligation of the landfill operator. In the case of damages, considering the new legal situation and not clearly defined conditions, the site operator is responsible. Therefore the generation of an explosion protection documentation is a necessary „security measure“ for you to demonstrate compliance with your legal obligations, even if you are not directly responsible for the operation of the facility.

The generation of an explosion protection document is a task which covers, besides the degasification, also the other areas of the landfill operation. A comprehensive knowledge base as well as the knowledge of the legal situation are mandatory. The assessment and classification of the overall situation with regard to the explosion protection as well as the risk assessment will be carried out in accordance with the European Guidelines 94/9/EG (ATEX 95) as well as 99/92/EG (ATEX 137).