our measurement instrumentation and technologies

Besides modern office equipment (e. g. A0 plotters, CAD and specification software) we are equipped with all the necessary tools to accomplish  domestic and international planning and specification tasks. Special measuring and assessment technology, which enables us to survey and evaluate the parameters of the specific landfill site is part of our scope of equipment. These include e. g.:

  • Gas analysers for the determination of the main gas components CH4, CO2 and O2  as well as CO and H2S
  • Gas alert devices for the field application during building projects
  • LAMBDA multi-measuring device for flow measurements
  • FID measuring device TVA 1000 for surface measurements
  • rbr-ecom-KD waste gas analysis device
  • Dräger gas detector – overview measurements of H2S, F and Cl
  • FLIRThermaCAM E2 infra-red camera – determination of gas well/brine temperatures
  • State of the art pipe assessment system with explosion protection (120 m) for the review of pipe closings with positioning system
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